Team Fouls and Advantage

The following message was sent by the CRHR, explaining the new interpretation of the rules for running team fouls, it is relevant to all referees, but also to players, coaches and spectators.

Hi there,

It has come to my attention recently that there has been some confusion around running team fouls and giving advantage. The new interpretation of these rules were sent out to all clubs at the start of the year, but people seem to have missed this.

To help get the message out there, I am sending this to everyone registered on wildapricot, and not just individual clubs. Hopefully this will allow referees to officiate with something closer to one voice, and players to understand what is being called during games.

As referees, we aim to create a game that is as free flowing as possible, while still keeping players safe.

The majority of the time, running team fouls should not be given. If it is a minor foul that does not impede the ball carrier, it can be let go and advantage given. If it is a foul that does effect the ball carrier, the game should be stopped and the team foul given.

The only time a running team foul can be given is if there is an imminent goal scoring situation, such as a 1 on 0, or 2 on 1. The majority of the time, either advantage and play on, or stop the game as give the team foul.

Minor things that can often be let go include:

Fouls against the stick where the player is obviously going for the ball, where the stick is not swung in a downward slashing motion, or has very little force
Fouls against the skates or shin pads with little force

The aim of team fouls is not to punish every little transgression, but to punish related or more serious fouls. This change will create a faster, more free flowing game, but it does require all referees to sing from the same sheet. It does also require players and coaches to understand how the rules are being implemented. Hopefully this email will help with that.

If anyone does have any questions, I am available on the below e-mail, or through the CRHR referees group.

Karl Wilson
CRHR – Accreditations
National Rink Hockey Association