Ref CardsJody is the Referees Officer for the Eastern Counties and should be the first person you contact in case of a problem in the region.

Rebekkah is the Disputes Officer for the Eastern Counties and will be the person to investigate any reports & incidents

The dress code in the Eastern Counties for Referees is:

  • Black Trousers
  • Black Shoes
  • Black or White Referee Shirt

These standards must be adhered to and if not the referee(s) in question will be reported.

Referees Who Can Help Out At Tournaments

CRHR: National Body for Roller Hockey Referees.

CRHR: National Body for Rink Hockey Referees.

A list of all referees who are all willing to be contacted to help at tournaments, should clubs need, can be downloaded from here .

With the Eastern Counties fine for having no referee at £50 per match,it would obviously be a benefit for all clubs, if needed, to pay for help rather than the fine!

There is now an online test available for Provisional Referee Examination

Eastern Counties Referee of the Year Award

Season Winners Reason
2015/2016 Not Awarded This Year Voted For By EC Committee
2014/2015 John Norton Voted For By EC Committee
2013/2014 Zak Robinson Refereed Most Matches
2012/2013 John Norton Refereed Most Matches
2011/2012 Brian Barrow Refereed Most Matches
2010/2011 James Bayes Refereed Most Matches
2009/2010 James Bayes Voted For By EC Committee
2008/2009 Ric Parfitt Voted For By EC Committee
2007/2008 Smokey Voted For By EC Committee
2006/2007 Steve Taylor Voted For By EC Committee
2005/2006 Billy Wells Voted For By EC Committee
2004/2005 Fiona Bishop Voted For By EC Committee
2003/2004: Tony Noble Refereed 88 Matches
2002/2003: Tony Noble Refereed 84 Matches
2001/2002: Ivan Cook Refereed 95 Matches
2000/2001 Ivan Cook Refereed 101 Matches