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Dave Sears Memorial Trophy 2014

Ross Peers Sports Hall is confirmed for Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th April.For those who don’t know, the Dave Sears Memorial Trophy is organised every year, with players from all over the country coming to support this charitable eventAll teams are …

Slapshot at Division 1

Slapshot will be at the Division 1 Tournament on Sunday at Lynnsport They will only have limited supplies on the day but if anyone needs any particular items, then contact them in advanceTelephone: 01582 603994

EC Cup Finals Day – 15th July 2012

For All Players Playing In Cup Finals This Year.
Can I remind you that you should arriving at Bushfields in King’s Lynn Team attire(Tee Shirt Polo shirt tracksuit….) When collecting medals at the end, all players should also be in King’s Lynn attir…