NRHA Newsletter

NRHA Newsletter

NRHA LogoAt a recent NRHA meeting, it was agreed to produce a quarterly newsletter to be emailed to every registered member.  This will be a great asset to advise everyone of roller hockey and associated events across the country.

Whilst many of us are involved with our own children’s competitions, age groups, clubs and region we can lose touch of the bigger picture and therefore become quite insular.  With this in mind we need you! 

Information from clubs or players regarding achievements and events, reports and images from trips and any other information you would like to share would all be welcome.

The NRHA marketing team of Scott Neville and Harry Parfitt have kindly agreed to issue this so could I please therefore ask you to email them using this link so that Lisa Allander as Easten Counties Representative will also be informed by a copy email.

As an NRHA issued newsletter, we need to make sure Eastern Counties is well represented!