KO Cup Qualifiers: Saturday 27th May 2017

The results from today’s Knockout Cup qualifiers, which were held at Ross Peers Sports Centre.

U11’sKing's Lynn RHCEly & Chesterton

ECU 7 – 0  Peterborough
Kings Lynn 7 – 2 Letchworth
ECU  will play Kings Lynn in the final

U15’sKing's Lynn RHC Sudbury RHC Logo

Sudbury 2 – 1  Letchworth
Peterborough 1 – 4 Kings Lynn
Sudbury  will play Kings Lynn in the final

U17’sCottenham RHCSudbury RHC Logo

Sudbury 3 – 2  Peterborough
Sudbury will play Cottenham in the final


U20’sEly & ChestertonKing's Lynn RHC

Kings Lynn 3 – 1 Sudbury
Kings Lynn will play ECU in the final


Congratulations to all the teams & their coaches, the timekeepers & the referees on the day.
Thanks also to those committee members who were there to help organise the day and for the live updates