First Aid Session: 14th May 2017

On Sunday afternoon, twelve representatives from EC clubs attended a First Aid Session at Ross Peers Sports Centre, Soham.
I think everyone who attended would agree it was a great session, very informative in a relaxed atmosphere.

Topics covered included:First Aid Icon

  • Head Injuries and Concussion
  • Diabetes
  • Choking
  • Impact Injuries
  • Recovery Position

We all also had the opportunity to practice slings and CPR.

ECRHA would like to thank everyone who attended and whilst of course we hope their training will never be needed, we hope they found the session beneficial.

Of course, a huge thank you must go to our instructor Alan Adams who was a great teacher. Not only do we appreciate him giving up some of his spare time to host the day but he refused to take any fee for doing so, instead asking that any profit from the day (after the room hire) is donated to a charitable cause of which he will advise us.

It is hoped to repeat this event in future and of course we will advise all clubs accordingly.