Knockout Cups

Eastern Counties Cups & Shields TableTo mark the end of each season the Eastern region hold a Cup Finals Day.
This rounds off the end of the season nicely with the presentation League Winners & Runners Up trophies,
together with the various Knockout Cup Winners & Runners Up from the day.

So How does this work?
As the league draws to a close we stage Cup Qualifying rounds in the categories listed below:

  • Dennis Arthurs Senior 1 Cup
  • Senior 2 Cup
  • Dennis Arthurs Cup For Ladies
  • Dennis Arthurs Cup For Juniors
  • Dennis Arthurs Cup For Schoolboys
  • Dennis Arthurs Cup For Intermediates
  • Dennis Arthurs Cup For Minors
  • Ivan Cook U11’s Cup
  • Ivan Cook U 9’s Cup

(Unfortunately some of the original Dennis Arthur’s cups have been lost and so replaced)

The original format for the Cups was a knock out Tournament, where the teams in each group would all arrive at the sports centre and a draw would take place as the winners of each game played in the next round with the loser going home.

We clearly had to change the format to encourage more teams to take part.
The new format varies on the number of teams entered into the Cup competition.

If the Cup category has six or more teams we run two pools.
In each pool every team plays against each other with the winner of each Pool progressing to play in the final on Cup finals day.

With four or less teams entering we run what is called a round robin where each team plays each other the top two teams go through to the final.

In the unfortunate case of only two teams entering a particular category then both teams progress straight to the final on Cup finals day.

The main difference between the League and the Cups is that any team from any of the Divisions can enter Senior 1. In practice a team from Division 4 would be reluctant to play against Division 1 or 2 teams, so the Senior 2 Cup was introduced in 2000 and only open to teams from Division 3 & 4.
In the same year the Ivan Cook U11’s Cup was added and proved to be so successful the U11’s league was started during the next season.

In 2001 the Ivan Cook U9’s Cup was added and proves to be the highlight of Cup Finals Day.

It should be noted that the Ladies Cup and the Ladies County league cup are separate events.

The Jubilee Cup

Eastern Counties Jubilee Cup

The Jubilee Cup

This Minors (U13’s) Cup Competition first started in the Queens Jubilee year 2002.

Played around Easter time over two days and two venues, normally Soham & Burwell.

This has grown in popularity that the competition has now become international with teams from Spain having played.

All teams win a place cup and the top two teams receive a medal.

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