EC Cup Qualifiers 2018

As per the National Calendar the EC Cup Qualifiers will all take place on the weekend of 14th and 15th April 2018. The format is a standard KO and the amount of games played by each team will vary depending on the number of entries. Please bear in mind that some teams may be playing only one game.

We would like your entry on the downloadable spreadsheet (tab 1), with your team lists (tab 2) sent to Michaela Parfitt (Competitions Secretary) by 7th February 2018, to enable the draw to take place.

EC Cup Finals

There is a new category of Ladies U15, with no option to play down a year as per league rulings. The Ladies that are 14 at the time of the KO rounds can play in either the U15 competition or the Senior competition but not both. Also both Ladies competitions will be only for ECRHA players and can comprise of a mixed team of players from various clubs in the region. You will submit the team lists as per all other entries.

Please remember that all players in these competitions, with the exception of the Ladies, would have been registered with the club they are playing for by 31st December 2017, either first or second claim.

Please could you submit the forms to Michaela Parfitt. Any late entries or payment will not be considered for entry.

The cheques can be sent to Michaela Parfitt by 7th February 2018 or by bank transfer by the same date, bank details available on request.

If paying by bank transfer please send a copy of the proof of payment with the entry form

All applications will be confirmed by return