First Aid Session: 14th May 2017

On Sunday afternoon, twelve representatives from EC clubs attended a First Aid Session at Ross Peers Sports Centre, Soham. I think everyone who attended would agree it was a great session, very informative in a relaxed atmosphere. Topics covered included: Head Injuries and Concussion Diabetes Choking Impact Injuries Recovery Position ... Read More

U15’s League Division 2 – Results

U15's League Division 2 - Results Thanks to Grimsby Roller Hockey Club for supplying the tournament results from today's U17 Schoolboys League Division 1 tournament held at Bushfields Leisure Centre. As goal difference does not count in the leagues, it should be noted that Grimsby finish 2nd courtesy of 2 wins and ... Read More

League Division 2 Tournament: 26th March 2017

League Division 2 Tournament: 26th March 2017 The 26th March EC League Division 2 tournament of the season has been completed. Thanks to Letchworth RHC who have supplied the results of their home League Division 1 tournament held at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre. League Standings after the 26th March 2017 tournament The league standings & tournament results can be seen here: ... Read More