Behaviour at Sports Centres

Important Notice From The ECRHA Secretary

Dear All

We have received complaints from Ross Peers Sports Centre at Soham regarding behaviour at various roller hockey events this season. These include:ECRHA Logo

  • Skates being worn upstairs.
  • Food trodden into carpets.
  • Rubbish strewn everywhere – squash court, balcony, bar.
  • Chairs in the squash court.
  • Unattended children running about.
  • Players waiting to go on to the rink looking in to the gym.
  • Players on skates, moving at excessive speed around areas of the centre.
  • Lack of respect to other sports centre users and staff.
  • Damage to sports centre fixtures and fittings.

These issues are unacceptable and disappointing. The home club and organisers of any hockey activity – competition or training – are responsible for leaving the premises as it was found and ensuring correct behaviour of all participants. Children under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times.

We have asked the team at Ross Peers Sports Centre to advise us of any further incidents immediately and financial compensation will be sought from those responsible should it be deemed necessary.

Unfortunately, behaviour appears to be a growing problem which we need to nip in the bud. As a sport we suffer from a lack of good venues and we need to make sure we are considerate and respectful not just at Ross Peers, but at every sports centre we use.

We must all be aware of how the behaviour of our members reflects on our sport, could you please, therefore, take this message back to your managers, coaches, players and their parents, so we can ensure roller hockey in the Eastern Counties has a great reputation both with sports centres and those people who use them.

Many thanks

ECRHA General Secretary