2018 Inter Regional Final Squad Lists

There have been some very tough decisions made with regard to inclusion and exclusions and so I have re-thought the final squad selection process as follows:

ECRHA LogoThe Final Squad training sessions on March 3rd will consist of all eight selected players in each age category and after this last training session, the final six field players and two goalkeepers will be confirmed. I feel this is the correct and fairest way to approach the final training session. I need eight players to make the training session work and in light of some very tough decisions to be made it will also, importantly, give me another opportunity to assess all Final Squad players.

I would like to congratulate all the players who made the effort to attend their respective training sessions, and have now made the Final Squad selection stage.




1. Kaison Aaltonen ( GK) 1. Louie Allen 1.Edan Emery-Webber
2. Scarlett Courtenay-Barrow 2. Luca Oakley 2. Freddie Bourne
3. Mackenzie Allen 3. Sasha Aitken 3. Josh Owen
4. Emily Bolt 4. Madeleine Key 4. Amelia Courtenay-Barrow
5. Lilly-Rose Chandler 5. Ben Allard 5. Jensen Richards
6. Eddie Anderson 6. Malak Nasir 6. Joshua Futter
7. Diogo Ferreira Mota 7. Harry Hillam 7. Peter Aitken
8. Charlie Anthony-Sharp 8. Ryan Isaacson 8. Josh Aaltonen
9. Finley Durston 9. Zeph Lawson 9. Ehab Nasir
10. Ben Ganiford 10. Robert Simpson




1. Arran Hall 1. Arran Hall 1. Hattie Ford (GK)
2. Lewis Cakebread 2. Ewann Cann 2. Harriet Finch
3. Josh Barker 3. Josh Horn 3. Bethan McArthy
4. Jack Shepperson 4. Darcy Quinn-Sekyi 4. Rachel Barton
5. Bethan McArthy 5. Josh Barker 5. Amelia Courtenay-Barrow
6. Josh Osbourne 6. Jack Shepperson 6. Amira Price
7. Jake Reed 7. Lewis Cakebread 7. Ellouise Lennon
8. Oliver Marshal 8. Josh Osbourne
9. Taylor Adams 9. Bethan McArthy
10. Daniel Game 10. Daniel Game

To the other players who did not get selected this year, I would like to again thank you all for attending the open sessions and reduced squad training. The standard of hockey players in the Eastern Counties is very strong, and it has not been an easy task to select players across all age categories this year.

Keep working hard to improve your skating and hockey skills with your respective clubs and we will hopefully see you again later this year when the 2018/19 Inter Regional trials start.