National & Regional AGM’s

National & Regional AGM's Notice from the Eastern Counties General Secretary Whilst it may seem early to start talking about July, I am writing now to remind you all that the national and regional AGM's are held then and it is important that every club is well represented at each.  ... Read More

U15’s Div 1 Tournament: 7th January 2017

U15's Div 1 Tournament: 7th January 2017 Thanks to Herne Bay RHC who have supplied the results of their home u13's League Division 1 tournament held on Saturday 7th January 2017 at Ross Peers Sports Centre. League Standings after the 7th January 2017 tournament These results include a double points match between Peterborough Roller Hockey Club and ... Read More

2016.17 Fixtures List v4

2016.17 Fixtures List v4 The fixtures list is now at Version 4 and is hopefully completed for the season. Please make sure all your members are aware. Changes have been made to: U13Div 1 U15 Div 1 U20 Senior Div 2 Senior Div 1 Both dates venues and sometimes teams taking part so ... Read More